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To facilitate student enrollment, the Greenville Public School District, has implemented an online enrollment form using the Online Student Registration (OSR) platform supported by Central Access (CA).  The online form serves as the DISTRICT’S OFFICIAL registration enrollment document for acquiring entrance to the Greenville Public School District to confirm school attendance as stipulated by the Mississippi Compulsory Attendance Law 37-13-91and School Board Policy JB on school admission.


General Information

Age of Entry Requirements( Policies: JBA – Age; JB – School Admission; & JBB – Birth Certificate)


Law: 37-15-9 – No child shall be enrolled or admitted to any kindergarten which is a part of any public school unless they have reached their 5th birthday on or before September 1 of said school year. No child shall be enrolled or admitted to the 1st grade of any public school unless they have reached their 6th birthday on or before September 1 of said school year.


  • School Enrollment shall be denied to any potential Kindergarten pupil who has not reached his or her 5th birthday on or before September 1st of said school year.


  • School Enrollment shall also be denied to any potential 1st grade pupil who has not reached his or her 6th birthday on or before September 1 of said school year.


  • Age of Entry shall be verified by the review of student’s Birth Certificate that shall be presented at the time of registration to School Board Policy JBB


Residency Requirements

Statute 37-15-29: No minor child may enroll in or attend any school except in the school district of his residence, unless such child be lawfully transferred from the school district of his residence to a school in another school district in accord with the statutes of this state now in effect or which may be hereafter enacted.

For school attendance purposes according to Policy JBE, definition of residence is that the student physically resides full time, weekdays/nights, and weekends, at a place of abode located within the limits of the school district. All students shall register at the school they are assigned to attend. The parent or legal guardian shall provide evidence of the residence and the school district administration shall verify bona fide occupancy.

Parents/legal guardians of students seeking to enroll in a GPSD school shall provide the school district with at least two of the items below as verification of their current address. The documents must be in the name of the adult enrolling the student. The documents accepted are the following:

Two Proofs of Residency are recquired:

  • Mortgage Documents/Property Deed
  • Filed Homestead Exemption Application
  • Lease/Rental Agreement – (enrolling parent must be listed as occupants)
  • Electric Utility Bill
  • Gas Utility
  • Water/Sewer Utility
  • Driver's License/State ID(Govt. issued w/current residence address)
  • Voter Registration
  • Automobile Registration (State of MS Tax & Registration Receipt)

Note: ( We will only accept bills that are dated within 30 days of registration)

 New Student Enrollment

New Student Enrollment is defined as a student who is transferring in from another school district, private school and/or from another state and has not been enrolled within the Greenville Public School District.  Therefore, the following shall be noted for new student enrollment:

Parent/guardian shall report to the identified school within their school zone with the following original documents:


  • Valid Governmental Picture I.D.
  • Certified copy of the student’s birth certificate (long form)
  • Certificate of Immunization issued by the state of Mississippi on Form 121 or Medical

Exemption Certificate

All out of state vaccination documents MUST BE transferred to a Mississippi 121 compliance form prior to enrollment; until such happens, enrollment CANNOT be granted.


  • Report Card from Student's Previous School
  • Transcripts for students entering grades 10th – 12th
  • And/or an Official withdrawal form from previous school
  • Two(2) current residence proofs (within the past 30 days) as listed in Registration Section of this document.


Returning Student Enrollment

Returning students shall report to school within their zoned residence.

  • The parent/guardians shall provide the following documents:


  • Valid Governmental ID
  • Two(2) current residence proofs((within the past 30 days) as listed in REGISTRATION of this document


  • Non-traditional registration may include but is not limited to – living with another family member, group home, foster care, Child Protective Services, etc.