Portrait Picture of Superintendent Dr. Debra Dace

Dr. Debra Dace


Greetings to all of the educators (Faculty & Staff), parents, students and stakeholders here in this Great Community of Greenville.  By way of introduction, I am Dr. Debra Dace, your Interim Superintendent of Greenville’s Public School District.  I am grateful to the Board of Trustees for entrusting me to lead our district from Promise and Potential to Peak Performance.  My personal foundation in education was received in the halls of E M Boyd and Manning, Coleman, and a portion of my freshman year at Greenville High.  I am vested in this community and committed to our students.  We have started strong and fast! We are recruiting quality teachers and staying focused on the most valuable assets in our schools-OUR STUDENTS!  So I invite each of you to join the “5S Movement”.  Your support is crucial to our goal of providing Safe learning spaces, Supervised by quality teachers committed to teaching and learning, which will improve the quality of education our students receive and improve Scores. That winning combination equals Student Success. 


Join the GPSD Team, we’re going places! 
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Ms. Katrina Edwards,  Administrative Assistant/Board Clerk

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