Monroe Superintendent

Dr. Janice M. Monroe, Superintendent


                                                      Welcome Back to a New School Term!


Dear Staff, Students, and Stakeholders,


As we embark on a new school term, I am thrilled to welcome each of you back with renewed enthusiasm and a shared commitment to our district’s vision of Excellence for All. This vision encapsulates our dedication to providing every individual with the opportunity to succeed, fostering an environment where all can thrive.

Our primary goals for this academic year include:

  1. Student Achievement: We are committed to supporting every student in reaching their full potential. Through innovative teaching methods and dedicated support, we aim to nurture academic excellence and personal growth.
  2. Promote a Safe, Disciplined, Healthy, and Drug-Free School Environment: The safety and well-being of our students are paramount. We will continue to implement and uphold policies that ensure our schools are safe, disciplined, and healthy places for learning and personal development.
  3. Efficient and Effective Use of Resources: Our resources are precious, and we pledge to use them wisely and efficiently. By maximizing our resources, we can provide the best possible educational experiences for our students.
  4. Improve Community Trust and Transparency: Building and maintaining trust within our community is essential. We are committed to transparent communication and fostering a strong partnership with all stakeholders, ensuring that everyone feels valued and heard.

As we navigate this school term, let us work together with a spirit of collaboration and shared purpose. Your dedication and hard work are the bedrock of our success, and I am confident that together we can achieve remarkable things. Here’s to a year of excellence, growth, and success for all!


Warm regards,

Janice M. Monroe, Ph.D., Superintendent