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Teachers Goals

Here in Greenville Public Schools, quality instruction is paramount.  It is absolutely essential that we protect and maximize instructional opportunities.  In an effort to ensure a common accord as we all work toward that goal.  We have outlined a summary of teacher instructional expectations that correlate with the district non-negotiables.

Management of Instructional Time

It is expected that teachers:

  1. Have materials, supplies, and equipment for each lesson ready at the start of eachinstructional activity;

  2. Get each class started immediately;

  3. Get students on tasks immediately at the beginning of each instructional activity; and

  4. Maintain a high level of student time-on-task.

    Management of Student Behavior

    It is expected that teachers:

  5. Have established a set of rules and procedures that govern the handling of routine classroom administrative matters;

  6. Have established a set of rules and procedures that govern student verbal participation and talk during different types of instructional activities such as whole-class instruction and small-group instruction;

  7. Have established a set of rules and procedures that govern student movement in the classroom during different types of instructional and non-instructional activities;

  8. Frequently survey the class visually during whole-class, small-group, and seatwork activities and during transitions between instructional activities; and

  9. Stop inappropriate student behavior promptly and consistently.

    Instructional Presentation

    It is expected that teachers:

  10. Assign tasks and ask questions that students answer with a high rate of success;

  11. Begin instructional activities with a review of previous materials;

  12. Introduce the instructional activities;

  13. Summarize main points at the end of the instructional activities;

  14. Present instructional activities using concepts and language understandable to the students;

  15. Make sure that the assignment is clear;

  16. Provide relevant examples and demonstrations to illustrate concepts and skills;

  17. Speak fluently and precisely;

  18. Make transitions between instructional activities efficiently and promptly; and

  19. Conduct instructional activities at a brisk pace, slowing presentations when necessary for student understanding but avoiding unnecessary slowdowns.

    Instructional Monitoring

    It is expected that teachers:

  20. Regularly assess student performance by asking all students for written or oral answers, or other work products;

  21. move around the room and check the performance of students during independent work, not just those who seek assistance or who volunteer to show work;

  22. establish and maintain reasonable, clearly communicated deadlines and previously established standards for student work.

    Instructional Feedback

  23. provide students with prompt feedback on the correctness or incorrectness of in-class work;

  24. Affirm a correct oral answer quickly, even tacitly; and

  25. Provide sustaining feedback after an incorrect answer or no response by probing, repeating the question, giving a clue, or simply allowing more time.

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