Child Nutrition


Patricia Allen, Director
Phone 662-334-2850 Ext 1034
Fax 662-334-3689

Roslyn Cook Holt,  Assistant Director
Phone 662-334-7017 Ext 1033
Fax 662-334-3689

Suzi Hughes, Bookkeeper
Phone 662-334-7191 Ext 1018
Fax 662-334-3689


COVID-19 Updates

The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) continue to closely monitor the outbreak of respiratory illnesses caused by the novel (new) coronavirus COVID-19, and are working to limit the spread of cases nationally and in Mississippi. MSDH is actively working with doctors and hospitals on responding safely and effectively to COVID-19.

Maintenance Department

Clayton Botley,       Director of Maintenance    

Shawanda Lee,      Secretary            


FAX 662-334-2839


Ground Crew                                          HVAC

Shawn Gorman                                      Joshua Wicker                                  

Jonathan Roby                                    

Don Thomas                                         

Percy Grant

David King


Carpenters                                           Warehouse

Wendell Butler                                      Larry Williams

                                                              Barbara Williams



Melvin Coleman (maintenance dept. mechanic






Office of State & Federal Programs

Director:  Sherry E. Jackson

Parent & Family Engagement

Keia Brown-Lovett

Parent Community Liaison

430 Highway 1 North 

P.O. BOX 1619

Greenville, MS 38701

662.334.3842 office

--Located inside of Manning--

Have you GOTTEN your PUNCH CARD?

Rewards for being ENGAGED


Special Services



District Psychologist - Dr. Linda Washington

Psychometrist - Ms. Julie Mosow

Bookkeeper - Ms. Shirley Ford

Secretary/Records Clerk - Ms. Daphne Nailer


Pre-School Case Manager - Ms. Jennifer Edwards 

Elementary School Case Manager - Ms. Candace Sias 

Middle School Case Manager - Ms. LaShundra Beck



tech image

Pam Dillard, Director of Technology

662-334-2858 (phone)












Technology Department

Scottie Saulter - Technology Specialist

Gregory Johnson - IT Technician

Matthew Martyn - IT Technician

Derrick Hair - IT Technician




Greenville Public Schools
412 South Main Street
Greenville, MS 38701
Phone: 662-334-7000
Fax: 662-334-7021