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Dr. Tamalyn Williams


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Welcome to McBride Pre-Kindergarten Academy where children develop a love for learning. Our academy encompasses our students’ cognitive, communicative, social, emotional, physical and individual identity development. These areas are all guiding components for academic achievement. McBride's mission is to always remember the aspects of early childhood development that would pave the way for confident, assured and knowledgeable students. Our students are ready for the challenges they will face in Kindergarten and beyond. The state's College and Career Readiness Standards for four year-old are our minimum level of instruction.  


Every classroom has a certified teacher and a teacher assistant with the maximum of 20 students. Every lesson is collaboratively developed into thematic units with a literacy foundation. There are a minimum 14 learning centers in each classroom. Every classroom has a smart board, student’s tablets, touchscreen computers and keyboard computers for daily student use. Students are provided with a minimum of 45 minutes a day of the four specials offered at McBride. These include our fully equipped state of the art computer lab, student friendly library with an electronic check out process for library books, health education with a state of the art gym and an art program that address varied modes of creativity that includes pottery, fine art development and the study of artistic techniques that are age appropriate. Every class has one hour recess each day on our newly erected playground or our fully equipped playroom.


The school day is packed with educational and fun activities that captivates our students and activates their imagination. Each class gives students' an opportunity to display their performance and speaking talents by providing theatrical production that far exceeds the expectation for four-year-olds. Beyond the regular school day, we have extra-curricular activities such as pee-wee basketball with the county park commission and cheerleaders that have performed with best in the county.


Welcome to McBride Pre-Kindergarten Academy, where children our encouraged to grow and glow into individual scholars.


Dr. Tamalyn H. Williams



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